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SNDP Youth Movement Union -Ranni

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                           'KARMA PARIPADI' - 2006
The union committee of SNDPYM decided to propose somany activity programmes  for the year 2006 to develop SNDP youthmovement Ranni as the best youth organisation.
Our hon' union secretary Sr. V.N Tyagarajan suggested to organise Youth Self Help Groups  for unemployed youth in all 50 units. We take this as our priority programe.
Our treasurar Sri. K V Binu will introduce our 'Karma paripadi' to the delegated of YUVA SANGAMAM 2006 on 12 th February at Ranni. 
proposed PROGRAMMES  of 2005
1. Membership programe
2. Conduct 150 classes of Gurudeva Dharmam at various units.
3. Competative Examination training program
4. Leaders training camp
5. Personality development camp
6. Guruvarsham 150 closing ceremony.

                                                Future Plans

1.Youth Centre
To develop 4 YOUTH CENTERS on at four various places of this union .The aim of Youth Centre is to give training and tudying facility to  various exams like Civil Service, Bank POs, PSC and UPSC. Each centre acts as a referece and helping centre. Units around each centre will manage the day to day activities of each centre.
2. Civil Service Training
To produce atleast 1 IAS holder, this is our aim. It's very big dea. The first step is to make interest and knowledge regarding IAS to youths and their parents, then find out the talented and give maximum support to them to succeed.
3. Strike against Dowry
The mission is to think and work people against dowry and to conduct marriages according to 'Guruvarul'
4. Publish books
Publish books for Bala Jana Yogam students.
5. News Letter
Publish a magazin like news letter which carries news of every sakha, YM, YS, Sena etc in this union It also carries directions of YM units. This do the role of a circular. Develop this as good publication.
8. Talent Meets
Conduct meeting and camps of talented youth in every field. Give them maximum promotion.
9. Youth Award
Give youth award to best unit and best performer.

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